Photography: Southern Miss to Show Its ‘Night Phase’


As night comes, nothing’s here.
However, something’s there for special.
You know Southern Miss already? Probably not.


At the center of All-American Rose Garden with flashlights.



The night rose shows without flashlights.



Lucas Administration Building behind the lighting fountain.



If you see the vending through one of the doors in Stout Hall.



If you visit Owings-McQuagge Hall as night comes.



When you cross Golden Eagle Ave. and Montague Blvd., looking up the Tower.



You may park there in the daytime. Just behind Power House.



A night-stained glass of Danforth Chapel.


The sprinkling way to go for Walker Science Building.


As a photograph project for MCJ300 in USM.
Photographs by Sumika_R, with iPhone 7 Plus.
Special Thanks to Mr. Chuck Cook, the instructor.