Japanese Woman to Share Tips to Deal With ‘Unfavorite Jobs’


Of course, you should seek jobs and works that you love for the future career.
However, at times, you have to consider how to cope with something unfavorite.
In what way? A Japanese woman is here to share a few good tips.

Mitsuyo Shinoda, 55, is an office worker in utilities in Tokyo, Japan.
Through her experience of more than 20 jobs, she has developed and established her ways to deal with difficulties and ‘un-favorite’ job tasks.
Not adaptable in the US? Fortunately, do not assume it before seeing it through.

Set your goal of what you work for.

Mitsuyo: Even with jobs that you really do not like to do, there must be a reason why you were assigned the specific role. Why do cook apprentices wash plates every day? Why do successful professional athletes continue to do the basic on a daily basis? If you are willingly able to discover the ‘essence,’ you may find that difficult jobs are there for you.


Set the goal of your life as a whole.

Mitsuyo: Why do you work? Why do you get the job? If you already enough money to live for the rest of your life, will you stop working for the permanent vacation or something? I do not recommend that. Working is not a part of your life, but instead, you need to discover your life from your work. Working is a central part of your life. If you do not get your job in ‘both’ what you like and what you are good at, basically you do not live your life but for other’s life as the servant. Even your current job is not your favorite, there must be the meaning.


Learn from co-workers.

Mitsuyo: You can motivate yourself a lot by learning the working process from your co-workers. I am now 55-years-old, but I have found that I still have tons of aspect in working nature that I can accomplish more from now on. For instance, one of my current tasks here is to answer the phone and talk with customers. I am the only one in this office, and I am getting confident to do it, but a few of my colleagues who rarely take the phone are really good at it! Even than me! It was the time for me to ask questions a lot, and saying, ‘what makes you such a wonderful caller?’


Take some rest.

Mitsuyo: Even if you can discover the exact reasons why you do the un-favorite jobs in front of you, there is a limit. If you stand too much physically and mentally, there will be nothing good for you. So just do not forget taking some rest as needed. Especially in Asian countries including Japan, some people cannot stop working by themselves as they become too enthusiastic to do so. However, the more you get old, the more it is going to be significant.


Eat chocolate while working.

Mitsuyo: I found that chocolate is the best food you can eat while working. According to a research article I read, chocolate can remove your tiredness quickly, and boost your energy even more than caffeine. As I do not like drinking coffee so much, biting chocolate works for me as the best solution. However, of course, do not overeat. I heard that the State of Mississippi is the most ‘fat’ state in the U.S. as they eat such a sweet treat so much! Then, I do not recommend to place snacks near you, but instead, you may go outside and walk to buy them as needed.


Sleep a lot.

Mitsuyo: I consider that sleeping is not the process of life, but one of the purposes as a whole. The more you sleep, the happier you are. In contrast, the less you sleep, the worse your life is going to be. Including my co-workers, those who sleep a lot look very happy in fact, and vice versa. You know why? To sleep well, you need to work well. You need to enjoy your work time. If you can think ‘I did a lot today!’, your bedtime will be much happier and far effective in fact.


Stretch your body as often.

Mitsuyo: Remember; being stooped is the worst thing you can do in the world. Be straight up! If your back is rounded, your performance will dramatically decrease. Blood does not go to your brain smoothly. Your back will get some pain. You may get sleepy than ever before. Nothing good to be stooped. And most importantly, it looks horrible to be seen as an adult! That is one thing that I regret not doing when I was younger.


Do karaoke on holidays.

Mitsuyo: I heard that the culture of karaoke has been spreading all over the world step by step, but for sure, Japan is the most. I like singing to switch the gear in my life, and that is not only for just enjoying or relaxing for me. For those who are in the U.S., you may be able to sing in your office like my favorite movies. Stereotyping? Hopefully not. For me, karaoke is one of the reasons why I live my life. Incidentally, I am sticking to sing so-called 80’s and even 70’s, including Bon Jovi or something…


Read books.

Mitsuyo: The more you study a lot through reading books, the more you will find that ‘I do not study.’ From my experience, people saying ‘I am knowledgeable enough as I study a lot’ do not study and do not like studying so much. It makes sense. For the younger generations than me, I want you to continue reading books. As many as possible. It can be any genres and topics. It can be the old one or a contemporary one. Anything that you got interested in. Currently, I prefer reading this book (showing): ‘how to sophisticate your life as older adults.’ Studying never ends.


Find various things to do.

Mitsuyo: If you do the same amount of un-favorite jobs, it is a better idea to complete as much as possible to learn from them soon. Get it done, and go forward. In my life, I have found that you can discover your favorite things to do when you do your un-favorite works. Sounds weird? I agree with it, but it is also a beautiful part of the life!  Get it done before thinking about it too much to stop, and take your favorite pieces as soon as possible!


*As a MCJ300 interview photo, video, and written project.


  • Guest: Mitsuyo Shinoda
  • Music: Front Porch Blues by Chris Haugen
  • Edited and Translated by: Sumika_R
  • Special Thanks: Chuck Cook (Instructor)